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Macaroni Cheese with Spicy Mexicana®

A tongue tingling combination of smooth macaroni cheese with a spicy kick of Mexicana® Cheese – Are you tough enough?


Macaroni Cheese with Meaty Bacon

One for the meat lovers! The bacon addition gives the macaroni a meaty taste with every bite.


Macaroni Cheese with Smoky Applewood®

An irresistible blend of our famous McIntosh macaroni cheese recipe and Applewood®’s smooth and creamy texture! A consistent smoky taste throughout.

Pasta Bolognese

Minced beef in a tomato based sauce together with pasta twists.


Macaroni Cheese

The Show Stopper! Our macaroni cheese is full of flavour and a family favourite thanks to our special creamy cheese sauce recipe. Available in 250g and 400g.

Hot Roast Scottish Salmon Pasta®

Indulge in our new premium offering! The perfect mix of pasta and Scottish salmon smothered in a creamy white cheddar sauce topped with a lemon & dill crumb!

Macaroni Cheese Family Pack

A family favourite and now one pack will do. Our new 800g pack of macaroni is the ideal meal for everyone!


Macaroni Cheese with Smoky Sausage

A modern twist on our famous macaroni cheese. The smoky sausage gives a smooth smoked flavour throughout!

Corned Beef Hash

A traditional dish of Corned Beef, Onions and Potatoes.


Scottish Stovies

A traditional potato-based Scottish dish, which can vary from region to region. Although naturally none are as good as ours! Why not try with some delicious Scottish oat cakes?


Mince & Tatties

Ideal for a cold night – our classic Mince and Tatties are simple but delicious. Comfort food at its finest!


Haggis, Neeps & Tatties

Enjoy this warming and satisfying meal – The Taste of Burns Night all year round made with our very own Haggis recipe.


Vegetarian Haggis, Neeps & Tatties

The veggie option! This tasty blend of vegetables, pulses and spices is a great twist on the classic Scottish dish. Also enjoyed by meat lovers!


Cottage Pie

Classic dish made the McIntosh way. With our tasty mince recipe topped with fluffy mashed potatoes of course!


Steak Pie & Tatties

McIntosh’s Steak Pie is perfect for a Sunday… or any day the ends in Y really!


Sausage & Mash

Delicious Simon Howie pork sausages coated in a rich gravy accompanied by our fresh McIntosh mashed potatoes!


McIntosh Kidz Sausage Beans & Mash

A perfect combination of sausages and beans in a yummy tomato sauce topped with vegetable mash.


McIntosh Kidz Macaroni Cheese

A twist on our classic macaroni cheese with the nutritionals you’ll love and hidden veg they won’t even spot!


McIntosh Kidz Pasta Bolognese

Our well known macaroni shapes with minced beef smothered in a rich tomato & vegetable sauce.


McIntosh Kidz Tomato & Pulses Pasta

Suitable for vegans this pasta dish is full of pulses in a herby tomato sauce and deliciously filling.


McIntosh Kidz Cottage Pie

A cheeky twist on our original McIntosh Cottage Pie – this time, just for Kidz!


McIntosh Kidz Scottish Stovies

A Scottish staple! The perfect mix of minced beef, diced potatoes, peas and other hidden vegetables for the perfect stovies taste.


Haggis & Mince Pie

A crisp pastry shell packed full of flavour & meaty goodness, topped with a crumbly puff pastry lid!


Macaroni Cheese Pie

Our delicious macaroni cheese in a crisp pastry shell. Need we say anything else?! Maybe…Get the oven on!?

NEW | Macaroni & Mexicana Cheese Pie

Macaroni in a creamy cheese sauce using cheddar with Spicy Bell and Jalapeno Chilli Peppers

Macaroni & Bacon Pie

One of the Scotland’s best foodie inventions now from our new recipe with Simon Howie Bacon!


Scotch Pie

Whether it’s with chips, with beans, or in your hand while watching the footy, McIntosh Scotch Pies are the ideal companion!


Steak & Gravy Pie

Made with cuts of beef and a rich gravy our Steak & Gravy pies are a tasty alternative to a traditional Steak Pie…Get Stuck In!