We are super excited to introduce Hamish Bigg, founder of Bigg Design and the artist designing our McIntosh giraffe sculpture as part of the Giraffe About Town trail 2022.

Our sculpture will arrive on the streets of Edinburgh from July 1st (the exact location yet to be revealed). Stay tuned on our social channels for updates! 

Read on to get an insight into Hamish’s creative career and the inspiration he took in designing our giraffe.

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Tell us a little bit about your journey as an artist to date?

 I started Bigg Design after graduating from The Glasgow School of Art in 2008. One job led to another and over time I’ve developed a niche of engaging public artworks and feature/architectural lighting. My work has featured on city halls, urban streets, parks, underpasses, bridges, churches, schools and shopping malls. I particularly enjoy creating eye-catching immersive spaces that surprise and delight people using them.  

Have you ever painted a sculpture like this before?

Yes, I painted a ‘Cowch’ (Cow-bench) in Crieff in 2019, with a pattern inspired by the old drover’s routes across the  local landscape.

What led you to being involved in the Giraffe About Town trail project?

I spotted the opportunity online and thought it would be fun to apply, was delighted to hear that you’d picked my design!  

Where do you draw inspiration for your designs from?

Anywhere and everything – when I start thinking about a project, I find interest and relevance in all sorts of things. For this giraffe, I liked the idea of playing with a giraffe’s camouflage pattern. This reminded me of other animals that use camouflage such as butterfly wings, and zebras but also World War I Dazzle ships, where they employed artists to create bold, dazzling patterns to confuse enemy submarines as to the speed and direction the ship was travelling in.

Have you ever tried McIntosh meals? Do you have a favourite?

I haven’t had the pleasure yet, but I hear they’re very good! I  particularly like the look of the new Dundee marmalade chocolate puddings! 

To check out more of Hamish’s work visit: https://www.biggdesign.co.uk

To find out more about the Giraffe About Town trail visit: http://giraffeabouttown.org.uk

Giraffe about town
giraffe about town

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