How To Enjoy McIntosh Macaroni Cheese!

How do you eat your McIntosh Macaroni Cheese?

Photo: @RoseKeats


Ideally we’d hope with a spoon or a fork but it’s the big question really, isn’t it?! So we took this challenge and asked all our lovely Facebook friends for the perfect Mac & Cheese accompaniment!

And here’s exactly what they had to say:

Cuban Morrison: “Extra cheese and hot sauce”
Karen Ann Smith: “Chips and beetroot”
Trish Keith: “Only McIntosh with toast”
Steven Mackie: “Got to be chips or some sort of potato”
Steven Mclaughlan suggests sprinkling some extra mature Scottish cheddar on top of your McIntosh Mac & Cheese before baking in the oven.
John Donnelly: “On two buttered pan bread pieces”
Nicola Clark: “Salad & coleslaw”
Lorna Tugman: “A nice fresh salad and some bacon through it”
Kirsty Quinn: “Sometimes mix it with the McIntosh Bolognese…Yum”
Jimmy Duncan: “I enjoy McIntosh Mac & cheese with chips”

So there you have it folks! A full list of the best ways to eat our McIntosh Macaroni Cheese. The most common serving suggestion was “chips” so we suggest giving this a go first or take your pick – you now have a full menu worth of Macaroni Cheese dishes just waiting to be tried. What will you try next time?

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