Where Are All The Pies?

Use our handy list below to find where your favourite McIntosh Pies are sold…

Our Sausage and Mash is finally here!

We are delighted to announce that we are set to release a new addition to our range, Sausages and Mash, available from selected Sainburys stores from 25th February.

New To Tesco!

We are super excited to announce more of our delicious McIntosh products are now available in Tesco stores across Scotland from today!

McIntosh & Simon Howie

You may have noticed a change to our new McIntosh Macaroni Cheese with Bacon? We’re delighted to announce that we are now using Simon Howie bacon in our yummy ready meal currently available in Asda stores.

New Family Favourites from McIntosh

We’re always busy working on new and exciting recipes at McIntosh HQ and this week we’re delighted to announce two new family favourites being added to the McIntosh range. First up is the McIntosh Corned Beef Hash – an old classic of corned beef, onions and potatoes. The perfect winter warmer for all to enjoy. Second is […]

NEW Macaroni Cheese Range from McIntosh

We are delighted to announce that we are set to release three new additions to the McIntosh Macaroni Cheese range from the 20th April! Developing from our unique, cheesy macaroni recipe we have been working hard to offer you macaroni cheese with a twist – And we’ve cracked it with an exciting variation of new […]

NEW Haggis & Mince Pies

We are delighted to announce the launch of another new product, this time from the McIntosh pie family! Haven’t we been busy?! Say hello to the new McIntosh Haggis & Mince Pies! Launched across Scottish Asda & Sainsburys stores, this new pie uses the same popular Haggis and Mince recipes as the best-selling ready meals, […]

NEW McIntosh Macaroni Product

NEW McIntosh Macaroni Cheese with Smoky Sausage Following on from the success of our well known McIntosh Macaroni Cheese we are delighted to announce the launch of our NEW McIntosh Macaroni Cheese with Smoky Sausage. This new macaroni dish combines our famous macaroni cheese with a hint of smoky sausage to tickle your taste buds. The […]