Parenting Hack #4 – Loose Buttons

Is your little one always loosing buttons? Who ever has time to sew on new buttons, right? We’re here to help!

Parenting Hack #3 – Cutting Grapes

As parents we are told never to give our kids whole grapes to eat but cutting a large number of grapes is sooo laborious! We’re here to help!

Parenting Hack #2 – Test Your Eggs!

This week we’re sharing an eazy peazy solution for checking your eggs! Want to check if a raw egg is still fresh enough to eat? We’re here to help!

Parenting Hack #1 – Marshmallow ‘Ouchie’ Pack

Bumps and bruises are inevitable when you have little ones? Check! We’re here to help! This week we’re sharing an ‘eazy peazy’ solution for bumps and bangs!

How To Enjoy McIntosh Macaroni Cheese!

We took this challenge to all our lovely Facebook friends to discover the perfect Mac & Cheese accompaniment! Here’s exactly what they had to say…

The McIntosh Haggis Eating Competition Results table

Our McIntosh Haggis Eating Competition competitors took on the challenge of 1lb of pure Scottish meaty goodness! Would you dare to take on the challenge?!

McIntosh Haggis Eating Competition at Taste of Grampian 2018!

Are you a tremendous haggis fan?
Why not join us at Taste of Grampian for our 2018 Haggis Eating Competition!

Where Are All The Pies?

Use our handy list below to find where your favourite McIntosh Pies are sold…

Celebrate British Pie Week With McIntosh

If you’re enjoying a McIntosh pie this week, be sure to snap a photo & share with us using #McIntoshMealTime

Our Sausage and Mash is finally here!

We are delighted to announce that we are set to release a new addition to our range, Sausages and Mash, available from selected Sainburys stores from 25th February.