Celebrate British Pie Week With McIntosh

Best week of the year so far, right?!

So we’re sure you all know we make delicious pies (5 different flavours to be exact!) but did you know:

  1. Traditionally a Scotch Pie was made from minced lamb or mutton but these days minced beef is the main meat used, as it the case with our McIntosh pies.
  2. We once made a McIntosh Lasagne Pie and a McIntosh Chicken Tikka Pie, True! We’re just not sure the world was ready for them back then!
  3. Our crumbly pastry is our very own recipe, all made fresh at our factory in Forfar.
  4. Our Haggis & Mince, Steak & Gravy & Scotch Pie are all hand finished before packed for stores. We like to make sure the pies are perfectly enclosed before they get to you!
  5. Our best selling Pie is our Mac & Cheese Pie! No surprise there then becasue in case you didn’t know, they are filled with our best-selling macaroni cheese recipe from our ready meals! Match made in heaven.

If you’re enjoying a McIntosh pie this week, be sure to snap a photo & share with us using #McIntoshMealTime

And some exciting pie related news to tied you over…we’re launching a new Pie product in April!

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