McIntosh Macaroni Pies #BritishPieWeek

For British Pie week and Meat Free Monday, what a better time to talk about our delicious McIntosh Pies especially our Macaroni Pies, made with our famous Macaroni Cheese! You wouldn’t believe the number of people ask about our pies and thought we’d take the opportunity to answer them.

What is a Macaroni Pie?

A very good question. There are actually two different versions of Macaroni pies. One is a West Indies Macaroni pie which is slightly similar to baked macaroni cheese that is served as part of a meal.

Our Scottish Macaroni Pie is a crispy pastry shell, filled with deliciously cooked macaroni cheese. It’s a popular mouth-watering tasty treat that can be enjoyed on its own during half time or covered in sauce for your tea.

Are your Macaroni Pies suitable for Vegetarians?

Yes they are! If you have recently picked up a pack of our delicious pies you will see they have been approved by the Vegetarian Society. Also approved our 250g Macaroni Cheese, 400g Macaroni Cheese, 800g Macaroni Cheese, Macaroni Cheese with Spicy Mexicana Cheese, Macaroni Cheese with Smoky Applewood Cheese and our Vegetarian Haggis Neeps and Tatties.

Can I eat your pies cold?

You can eat from cold but we personally believe a hot macaroni pie is better!

Simply pop your pie on a baking tray into a preheat oven to 180*C/350*F/Gas Mark and cook for 20 minutes, or until the pastry is crispy and the macaroni cheese is baked!

You can also microwave our pies for – although using a microwave will soften the pastry and you won’t get the same effect as you would do with an oven. Pop one in a microwavable tray and cook as per below;

800W Cook on full power: 3 ½ minutes, stand for 1 minute.
900W Cook on full power: 2 ½ minutes, stand for 1 minute

Always make sure the food is piping hot – you wouldn’t want to get a cold middle! (Cooking times may vary)

Can I buy them hot?

Certainly! Our Macaroni Pies are available from the hot foods counter in selective Tesco Scotland Stores. They are a super tasty treat for on the go!

Where are your macaroni pies made?

Our pies come freshly made from our Factory in Forfar where all our McIntosh products are made.

I need to try, where can I buy?

Our pies are available across Scotland; Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury and Co-operatives. You can visit our where to buy page for more details on where to find out all our products.

I live in England, where can I buy your pies?

Unfortunately no, our pies are only available in Scottish retailers. We hope to have stockist in the rest of the UK.

Hope this has answered any queries you may have had about our pies. If we have missed any please feel free to leave us a comment on Facebook or feedback through our website.